Twas the night ahead of Xmas…I know I mentioned yesterday was my past put up for the year BUT had t

‘Twas the night before Christmas...I know I said yesterday was my last post for the year BUT had t

‘Twas the evening right before Christmas.I know I explained yesterday was my final post for the 12 months BUT had to article my fav household from our Xmas lights drive. It is just so traditional and you know I have a tender place for Tudor homes 😉. Adore all the wreaths + red bows on the home windows! Can you visualize how attractive it appears to be ideal now with the snow? Wishing you the happiest of vacations 💛. Signing off now! See you all again in the new year!
(P.S. I’ll announce the December giveaway winner when I’m back- see my highlight if you skipped it) – recent